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2015-11-29 Open Show in Gothenburg

Chagall's Mambo jambo became BOB

2015-11-07 Norway


Chagall's Chili Pepper became BOB puppy in

 2015-10-17 Open show Hässleholm

 Chagall's Pepper Jack became BOB-puppy

2015-09-27 FKK Åland

 Chagall's Baby bight lights became BOB puppy


2015-08-29 SKK Gotland

Judge: Karin Ögren

Chagall's On My Way became BOB with Cac, and is now Swedish and Norwegian Champion. Arca Halu Jackpot recieve CK



Chagall's Pepper Jack became BOB BOG-2 at his first puppy show


Lambear Jezzy dogs eyetest Clear

2015-08-22 SKK Backamo

Judge: Åke Cronander

Chagall's Me-Gustas became BOB with Cac. And is now

Swedish Champion!!

Arca Halu became BM-3 with R-Cac


2015-08-09  SKK Ronneby       

Chagall's Baby bright light became BOB- puppy at the show in Ronneby today.

Congrats to her owners Kennel Baby bright lights

2015-07-25--26 Norway

At the 2 days show this weekend. Chagall's Cayenne Pepper recieved 2 BOB-puppy. Congrats Cathrine with family!!


2015-07-05  Falstebo Show

       Chagall's Baby bright lights became BOB puppy

Congrats to her owne Jeanette and Ola!

2015-06-28 SKK Borås


 Judge:  Peggy M- Beisel USA

Chagall's Me -Gustas recieve R-Cac and became BM-2, the same reslults got Arca Halu Jackpot

2015-06-07 SKK Vänersborg

Judge: Eva Borg Liljeqvist

Chagall's Me-Gustas became BOB with Cac and Chagall's On My Way recieve Excellent

2015-04-25/26 Roskilde Denmark

Judge: Marija Kavcic

SEch LVch Chagall's Fashion Girl became BOB both day. Also recieved 2 Cacib, Danish Champion title and qualify to Crufts. Well done 'Fia' and Elin Eriksson.

Critque day 2

3 years old, nice type. Very active. Correct head, strong dentition, dark eyes. Good ears. Excellent neck and square body, well carried tail. Excellent movement. Good coat. Strong pigmentation.



Chagall's Stay by me and SEch Nch Nordjv-12 Chagall's Face the world was eyetest Clear.


Boltres White Jewel was eyetest Clear today.

2015-03-22 Latvia. Riga

Chagall's Fashion Girl recieve Cac and is now also Latvian Champion!

Congrats to her owner Elin Eriksson.

2015 -03-02

Arca Halu Jackpot eyetest Clear

2015-02-28 Open show Sätila

Chagall's  Story of my life, became BOB puppy

2015-01-05 SKK 'My dog' Gothenburg

Arca Halu Jackpot recieve Ex.

SECh Chagall's Fashion Girl became Best female-2


SE uch Chagall's Fashion Girl became 2th most winning white female     2014 in Sweden!!

Congrats to her owner Elin Eriksson.

We also got 3 new champions this year

Chagall's Face the world became Norwegian and Swedish Champion

Chagall's Fashion Gir became Swedish Champion

Chagall's Born this Way became Finnish Champion

Also Chagall's On My Way, did well in the ring. Cac Cacib in Sweden and Norway. BOB and BOS winning

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Chagall's Fashion Girl


Cayenne Pepper

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