About us

About us

We have during the years in the dogworld been involved with Papillon, Mastino Napoletano and Shar pei. We began breeding with the Papillon, but now our hearts belongs to Shar pei and Miniature Schnauzer.

We feel that so far our breeding has been very successful. During our time as breeders of the Papillon we had some very successful dogs, not least of which was  USCH Norduch Intuch Duch Bermuda ch VDC CH, ABDSG, BESG-93 KBHV-95 Chagall’s Amadeuz.

We are also proud to have bred one of Sweden's most successful Mastino Napoletano to date Intuch Norduch Luxch NLch SV-98 NV-97 Chagall’s Pajazzo. Today he lives in China.

We have been very proud of our imported Shar pei’s. From USA we have imported USCH Such Nuch Willougby Creeek’s Cool Dual, Willougby Creek’s Positively P-nuts, Charmings Play your cards right, Shengli Charme and R-Lee Black Cashmere.

Other imports to our kennel have been Teleglands Chesnut Tree and Teleglands Blue Violet from Hungary. Konishiki Dancing Queen, Such Nuch Deakie Red Leader and Pullupaa Look and Tell from Great Britain. Zon Miracle Shanson and Bellshou First Kiss from Russia. Chenggong Beauty from Belgium. Ch Moonbeams Front Row Ticketfrom Canada.

Together they have given us the most top winning bloodlines from USA and other countries.

Successful offsprings from them are Nuch Chagall’s Country Girl, Nuch Chagall’s China Doll, Nuch Chagall’s China Rose, Dkuch Nuch Nordjv-06 Chagall’s Pumpkin, Nuch Chagall’s Caramelle, Such Nuch NV-2002 Chagall’s Sweet’n Sour, Such Chagall´s Shakira, Nuch Nordv-2002 Chagall’s Magnum, Intuch Such Dkuch EEch Chagall´s Lord of the Ring, Such Chagall's Cherry Pie, Such Chagall’s Peach Melba, Such Chagall’s Papaya, Such DKuch Chagall's Red Light, Such Chagall's Stars'n Stripes, Nordic Junior winner DKuch Chagall's Sweet'n Sassy,  RUS Ch  LIT W -2009 Lat, Lit, Est Rus Jch Chagall's Rhapsody in Rock, Such Chagall's Rock 'n' Roll andIntuch Nordch Sv-03 Nordv-03 KBHV-03 Chagall's Louqitte Columbine, she was also most winning Shar pei in Sweden 2003, 2004 and mostwinning bitch 2005.

Dogs from our kennel have been exported to all the Nordic countries as well as Germany, Hungary, USA, Russia, Australia, Japan and China.


Our first Miniature Schnauzer arrived to our home in 2007.

We have imported Schnauzers from Hungary, Russia, Germany, Poland and Spain.

Our aim is to breed beautiful, happy and healthy Shar Pei and Miniature Schnauzer. We look into the future with confidence.

We do our best and hope for the best!

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