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EYETEST -- Clear okt- nov

Chagall's Begin' me for Mercy

Blaylock Appluse please

Chagall's Hunkydory

Chagall's Me-gusta



2016 Chagall's Baby Bright Light became Top 1 Best white

female in the Danisch schnauzerclub


2016-08-14 SKK Ronneby

Judge M Gonzales, Spain


Arca Halu Jackpot recieve Cac and BOB!!!



2016-07-03 SKK Borås

Judge: David Kirkland USA


Arca Halu Jackpot became BOS with Cac!



EYETEST --- Clear


Lally Jezzy dogs



EYETEST -- Clear


Arca Halu Jackpot


2016-03-20 SKK Malmö

Chagall's Baby bright light became best female-2 with R-Cac

Chagall's Pepper Jack recieve Excellent




EYETEST -- Clear

SN ch Chagall's On my way

Chagall's Mambo Jambo



EYETEST -- Clear

Ch Chagall's Fashion Girl



2016-01-31 Denmark Danish schnauzer club

Chagall's Baby Brights light became BOS with Can and also end up as BIS -4 junior and Club champion!! Congrats to Jeanette and Ola



2016-01-07--08 SKK My Dog Gothenburg

Judge: day 1 Carina Rapp Andersson, day 2 Vidal Montero Jose


Chagall's Mambo Jambo became BOB with Cac both showdays


Chagall's Baby Brights light was showed day 2, and became BOS with Cac

Congrats to her owner Kennel Baby Brights light

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