Dogs from the past

Dogs from the past


Am Ch, No Ch, Sw Ch, Ber Ch, Gr Ch, Int Ch Chagall's Amadeuz


SE ch No ch Chagall's Maserti


SE ch Chagall's Lamborghini


C.I.B SEch Noch Chagall's Carman Ghia




Mastino Napoletano


Intuch Norduch Luxch NLch Sv-98 Nv-97 Chagall's Pajazzo



Shar pei how made us proud in the showring:


SE ch Chagall's Stars' n Stipes


C.I.B Nord uch Nordv -03 Sv-03 NOV-03 KBHV -03 Chagall's Louqitte Columbine


C.I.B EEch Finv-04 Chagall's Lord of the ring


SE ch Chagall's Shakira


NO ch Chagall's Country Girl


SE ch Nch NOv-02 Chagall's Sweet'n Sour


NO ch NOv-02 Chagall's Magnum


SEch Chagall's Papaya


RUS ch Chagall's Bright Fire Svezhiyvete


Australien Ch Chagall's Check me out


NO ch Chagall's Caramelle


NO ch Chagall's China Rose


NO ch Chagall's China Doll


NO ch DKch Nordjv 06 Chagall's Pumpkin


RUS ch LTW-09 Chagall's Rhapsody in Rock


SEch Chagall's Peach elba


DK ch Nordjv -08 Chagall's Sweet'n Sassy



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