SEch Blaylock Iron Man


SE Nch Nordjv12 Chagall's Face the world


SE FinCh Chagall's Just as I'm

FinCh Chagall's Born this way

SEch Chagall's Man on a Mission

SEch Eternal Gambler Take on Me

SEch Incognito Bianco of Taitas Ushabti

SEch LVch DKch Chagall's Fashion Girl

SE vch Chagall's Just Loving you


Swedish Tracking Champion



SE ch Chagall's Reason to Love

SE ch Chagall's Me-Gustas

SE ch N ch Chagall's On My Way

SE uch DK uch

Chagall's Baby bright Lights

SE uch Chagall's Mambo Jambo

About our Champions

Here we present dogs born in our kennel how got champtitles.

Also dogs how was born in other kennels as we have own and showd.






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